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Since winning the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for Marketing Excellence and Innovation in 2006, Carol has built a word-of-mouth consulting practice helping other authors learn how to best market their books. Carol is not a publicist, but more a book packager or marketing coach, and offers many services to assist authors and publishers alike define how to best produce and market their book project. To contact Carol about your project, go here. Some of the services Carol offers to her clients include:

  • Analyze marketing potential of book project (prior to book production)
  • Secure the proper book production services for your unique project
  • Construct complete marketing plans (required for distribution)
  • Write promotional plans and timelines
  • Provide personalized Press Kits
  • Write press releases and determine how to best distribute them
  • Design your “sell sheet”
  • Assist with securing distribution
  • Model various pricing options
  • Determine revenues based on sales patterns (where you sell)
  • Decide if a publicist is needed and help secure
  • Prepare author for radio or TV appearances
  • Write copy for your website or back cover of book
  • Teach how to write killer queries for getting publicity (print, broadcast, electronic)
  • Ask the Expert (phone or email)

Carol’s philosophy is to “teach the author to ‘fish’, not to ‘fish’ for them.” Once you learn how to be your own marketing advocate, you can do it for book after book on your own.

How are you doing so far on your project? Here is a free checklist – see what you’ve accomplished, and what is left to do.

Here are some of the books Carol has worked on:

Awards: Mom’s Choice Silver Award,
ForeWord Magazine finalist,
Nautilus Gold Award,
Finalist Indie Book Awards
TMJ Cured

Awards: ForeWord Magazine finalist,
Benjamin Franklin Award

Awards: ForeWord Magazine Gold Winner
 Spies Black Ties, Mango Pies
Unleashing the Power of Parental Love

 My Dog Bites, The English Teacher

Benjamin Franklin Award Winner

Second Chance by Kip Moore
Vegetarian Revenge  


Benjamin Franklin Award Winner
ForeWord Magazine Gold
USA Book News, Indie Excellence,
& Reader Views Awards


Mom’s Choice

3 Golds/Inspirational/Motivational; Juvenile(9-12), Young Adult and Adult







"And I thought after 40 years of writing, I could write a sales letter... WRONG! Carol White's letter went beyond my imagination and into the sales stratosphere. Thanks, Carol! " -- AD Walker