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Making the Most of Your Amazon Listing

Amazon is a great resource and selling tool for all authors, but there is much more to it than just listing your book and hoping for the best. Here are ideas for making the most of your Amazon listing and improving your sales:

1) Start an Amazon connect blog

2) Do a Listmania and title the list well so that others will find it.

3) Write a good product description, list review blurbs, have a "from the publisher" and "from the author" with different information

4) "Tag" the books

5) Assign a "search term"  You can have up to 10 search terms per book

6) Apply for an Amazon review

7) Post reviews on books similar to yours with your "signature" including "author of XYZ" - others will look at your book too.

8) Use the images feature just below the book cover to add related pictures of yours to related books - see an example here: - my images are below Jamie’s book  (don’t ask me why the smiley face, but I can’t get rid of it - gremlins!)

9) Write a "Wouldn’t you like to" story that includes your book.

10) Post on their discussion groups relevant to your book

11) MOST importantly - make sure the search paths (you can have three) are correct for your book - on the book above, scroll down to Product details and look at "Popular in these categories" - those are the search paths people use to find your book.

Have fun, Amazon is a great tool.

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  1. Great ideas, Carol. Thanks for sharing!

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