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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Small Publishers

Marketing is such an intimidating topic for most authors and small publishers, but it is really just about letting the world know that you have produced this incredible source of information or entertainment.  So how do you do that?

Here are my Top 5 Marketing Tips for Authors and Publishers

  1. Set Google Alerts for "your name", "your book name" and all "related topics of interest" Go to and query for Google Alerts. Always enclose your search topics in quotes. Google sends you everything about your topics each day. use the information to thank people, expand your media list, and know what is going on with your book and industry.
  2. Have a Marketing Plan written down - "if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there!"  Know what things you are doing - and not doing.
  3. Do something marketing every day - get in the habit of working on your business, whether it is doing a blog post, looking up potential contacts, writing an email to a reporter, - do something to move your project forward
  4. Keep up with the Industry - things are changing fast in publishing - subscribe to a few newsletters, attend a conference, read a magazine - keep learning and stay abreast of what’s new.
  5. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up - everyone is so busy these days that you have to stay on top of things in order to make them happen.  If you send a review copy - follow up, if a reporter is using a quote from you - follow up, if you leave a message with a book store - follow up. 


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