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After my last book was published I was excited - but I didn’t know what to do next. Carol’s guidance and expertise really helped me get on track. She is amazing!

- LeslieAnn Butler, award-winning author of "If Your Hair Falls Out, Keep Dancing!"

You’ve given me the do-this specifics, combined with attractive, industry-friendly materials, that I need to meet and exceed my goals for Nice Start.

- Mark Chussil, Author, "Nice Start;" CEO Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc

Carol did a top-notch job with our marketing plan. We love what she put together for us and look forward to working with her again.

- Kate Kaynak, editor at Spencer Hill Press

A great book is dead in the water unless a great marketing plan can be established and implemented. 

In a friendly yet straightforward way, Carol established a thorough marketing plan with all the necessary supportive materials, step-by-step activities leading to a book’s appearing on bookshelves, and much more.

Using this material as a basis of communication, she coached me on “pitching” my points in five seconds with just the right “punch” so media types would pay attention. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Carol was available when I needed her; she always responded to my calls or emails within twenty-four hours—and always with thoroughness, support, and candor.

- Gary Unruh, Lighthouse Love Productions, LLC 

And I thought after 40 years of writing, I could write a sales letter… WRONG! Carol White’s letter went beyond my imagination and into the sales stratosphere. Thanks, Carol!

- AD Walker, Author & Publisher 

The book industry is the most challenging market I have ever faced in my professional career. Without guidance, I would have been lost. Carol’s proven track record for marketing and selling books was invaluable. She supplied me with a marketing road map to navigate my way through the industry. Then, provided me with the support I needed to stayed on track and achieve my goals. Simply, the best investment I made with this project!

 - Kip Moore, Author "Second Chance"

When I finished my book, I knew nothing about marketing. I needed help and found it in Carol White. She is professional, efficient and happy to share her vast marketing knowledge with her clients. She’s a pleasure to work with because she will get back to you with the information you need in a timely manner. She also has a cheerful attitude. There are no bumps in the publishing road that would bother this terrific marketing maven.

 - Carol Grier, Renaissance Print

 Carol played an invaluable role in the development of our markeing plan and the ultimate landing of a distribution contract for our award-winning book, Yoga Calm for Children.

- Jim Gillen, Three Pebble Press, LLC 

Carol, always cheerful and ready to answer my questions, gave me wonderful information as well as incentive to get my publicity and marketing rolling for my new book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance. She has unending knowledge and great contacts, and knows her stuff, and was always ready to go a step further, usually ahead of me!

- Paulette Rees-Denis, Author, Publisher, and Dancer

  …kudos to you for your expertise, the kicks in the pants and of course the kind words throughout the process. This has been an exciting journey so far and I can’t wait to see where it leads. Again I am so thankful for finding ABI, I’m not sure how this would have turned out if we hadn’t.

- Robert Kynor, co-author, "Oscar The Christmas Kitten"





"And I thought after 40 years of writing, I could write a sales letter... WRONG! Carol White's letter went beyond my imagination and into the sales stratosphere. Thanks, Carol! " -- AD Walker