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When to Use a Launch Event

Launch events are a good marketing tactic if you have a following with whom you want to share the buzz about your latest endeavor. Any type of book works - this is your "friends and family" event. Here are a few tips:

* Decide how many people you will invite and will attend - decide on a venue to accommodate them - think about any AV that you’ll need and make sure the room works for those things - plan for appropriate snacks, in other words, just basic "event planning" Make it fun and celebratory.

* Create some "hype" or "buzz" about the event for your attendees through email, social networking and/or regular mail

* Make sure you are set-up to efficiently sign and sell books - this is your "best" audience, so proportion of sales should be high. If you have a shopping cart where you can take credit cards, you can probably take them at an event and enter the information when you return home - check it out ahead of time with your vendor.

* This is a great time to practice your presentation that you will do for future book signing events - make sure it is polished and you are ready.

* Make your attendees ambassadors for your book.  Have postcards they can send to their friends, ask them to forward an email to their list, ask them to post reviews on Amazon, BN, etc. - send them the link to your book on those sites to make it easy for them.

Enjoy the evening and the beginning of your hard work ahead!

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